Is It march Yet?

I keep starting and deleting a post on why I dislike February.  It’s a story I want to tell, but every time I put it down into words it doesn’t look right.  (But typing that sentence just reminded me I need to make an eye doctor appointment, so Thanks, Internet!)

These next few days are the worst of it.  But things are looking up!  Tonight i get to go have dinner with my friends, for the “International Market” special dining event they have every year in the Dining room.  Then, I am off work Monday, the 24th, which will be the worst day.  Once i get past Monday, It’s Smooth Sailing.

And, while googling the 24th to give another, funnier answer to why specifically that Monday  sucks, I found out it was the last launch of the Discovery.  Specifically, February 24th, 2011.  The day my Mother died. 

She would have liked that, having something in common with the Space Shuttle.  Maybe she even went to space with it. 

Guess that wasn’t so funny.  I’ll try again later, when my vision isn’t quite so blurry.