So apparently these Bison are running for their lives…..

The now infamous Fleeing Yellowstone bison video, here seen “fleeing”…..


Some idiot swiped it from the original Poster, Leo Leckie (who ironically is a friend of a friend, the way most rumors start), retitled it and started an unnecessary panic, which we’ve had to calm people down for ALL DAY in the office.


But you don’t have to take my word for it; there’s at least one news source that bothered to actually fact check:,0,4794509.story

Oh, and the “Biggest Earthquake in 30 Years” that these Bison are “Fleeing” from?

4.8. It lasted for all of 2 seconds.

Seriously, Worriers of the World: if you must worry about some impending doom, please care more about Chile, or that huge mudslide in Washington (otherwise known as ACTUAL CATASTROPHES.)

Our Norris Quake didn’t even break a window.