I wanted to do the ABC award as a series of rhyming couplets, similar to a children’s book poem, but i am stuck on some of the letters.  So i am letting it sit a bit longer.  Apologies for that.  

I haven’t really been able to write much lately, though i have had some ideas.  I spent my weekend working on the crochet blanket instead of writing, and watching Warehouse 13, or as i call it, “The Adventures Of Frowny Face Girl and Kinda Dumb Nice Guy.”

Admittedly, she has Reasons to be frowning all the time.  It’s just hella noticeable. 


So, since I spoke (wrote?) to you about my sunshine award, it would appear that not one but Three more people have seen fit to nominate me for TWO awards:  daRkjasm  and Bibliojesso have BOTH nominated me for the Liebster Award, and Victoria has Nominated me for the ABC Award!  I want to thank all three of them, and apologize once again for the lateness of my reply.  I would try to explain, but it mostly has to do with a combination of my depression and some people who know me IRL telling me not to write about my depression, which is basically all I want to write about when I am depressed.   I will explain better later, but I will not let it distract me from doing these award Posts!

It’s going to make the most sense to split it into two posts: I will take care of the Liebster Award First, and answer both daRkjasm and BiblioJesso’s questions.  Then, Tomorrow I will tackle the ABC Award.

Well, Let’s Get Started!

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Apologies and anecdotes

It’s been a while.  I would apologize, but I do that so often the words literally have no meaning when I say them.  I would promise to do better, but I don’t want to lie, either.  So I wrote you a short poem about it:


Apologies and anecdotes

Are all I seem to do;

I’ve yet to spend a day

where I don’t think of you.

I can’t explain it to you

’cause you aren’t here to care

so i hide the truth

with more truth

knowing no one knows

what No-one knows.


I have not forgotten my awards, I actually do promise to write about them on Monday, when I have some time off work.


Falling behind, Getting ahead.

I’ve fallen behind on the Zero to Hero challenge again, which doesn’t bother me as much as it should, but I’ve also received another award, and I should have said something before now.  daRkjasm has nominated me for the Liebster award, and I really should have responded before now.  Thank you!  It will take me a couple more days before I can actually finish the award post; I have to find some new blogs to share.  I am really happy about it, though.  🙂

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The day I discovered “Mannerpunk”

Day 12 of Zero to Hero asked us to continue the conversation we started on one of our comments (hey, I’m almost caught up! Incroyable!), and I thought I would expand on the thought here and tell you all about the day I discovered what might be my favorite genre of literature.

It was about a year ago, maybe a little bit longer.  After work, we were eating dinner in the employee dining room, and my friend Nati had a new book she had found somewhere on one of the various bookshelves throughout employee housing.  The cover had a long-haired girl holding a sword, which caught my interest immediately.  The title was “The Privilege of the Sword,” By Ellen Kushner.

I picked it up, and read the back. 

Welcome to Riverside, where the aristocratic and the ambitious battle for power in the city’s ballroom, brothels and boudoirs. Into this alluring world walks Katherine, a well-bred country girl versed in the rules of conventional society. Her mistake is thinking that they apply. For Katherine’s host and uncle, Alec Campion, aka the Mad Duke Tremontaine, is in charge here—and to him, rules are made to be broken. When Alec decides it would be more amusing for his niece to learn swordplay than to follow the usual path to marriage, her world changes forever. Blade in hand, it’s up to Katherine to navigate a maze of secrets and scoundrels and to gain the self-discovery that comes to those who master: the privilege of the sword.

Then I promptly opened it up, and started reading.

At some point, I think Nati asked if I wanted to borrow it.  I did, I very much did.  I am pretty sure I had had plans for the evening, but I went home and read instead.

The story followed Katherine, a 16-year-old girl, as she goes form being a very proper girl to coming into her own as a person.  There is swordplay, and tea drinking, and balls, and fights and death and social commentary. It. Was. Amazing.

Then I Googled the author and discovered it was an entire Genre.

Mannerpunk!  (Well, “Fantasy of Manners”, but Mannerpunk is an accepted term as well.)Somebody has taken the fantasy novels of my childhood and combined them with a Jane Austen sense of propriety and decorum.  HOW HAD I NOT KNOWN THIS WAS A THING?

Mom would have loved it.

I mailed the book to my brother (after I had given it back to Nati and she gave it to me; I didn’t steal it.)  I don’t know if he read it.   Then I promptly forgot about it until earlier this morning.  So I Googled it again, to make sure I didn’t make it up.

If you are a fan of Jane Austen, OR if you are a fan of Fantasy, you should check out “The Privelige of the Sword”.  But now, if you will excuse me, I have to go order a whole bunch of books.  There’s a whole Genre to check out!

Sunshine award post, like I said I would

Sunshine award!

Sunshine award!

A little thing that means somebody thinks you’re cool. Considering the fact that my best post is still the one that Nobody has read, I am super happy somebody thinks I am cool.

The rules seem simple enough:

A: Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog. (Thanks again, Mandy!)
2: List 11 facts about YOU!
D: Nominate 10 other blogs, and then announce the nominations to said blog.

11 random facts about me?  This should be interesting:

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