Actually About Me

This is me:

Well, a few years old slightly photo-shopped me. Me enough.

My name is Kate. I am 34 years old, and I work here:

Great, now I’m never getting to work on time. They’re blocking the stairs.

I came here for a break, after working at Science Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. I loved that job (I had promised eleven-year-old me that I would come back, and it is one of the few promises I made to myself that I have actually kept) but needed a change. My brother was coming out here to work the summer, and he talked me into tagging along.

Here is Yellowstone National Park, by the way.  I work in Reservations, so I find it highly amusing whenever anyone tells me they think I am lucky to have “escaped the office.”  Nope, I brought it with me!

at Artist's Point, I think

Our Office bonding trips get to go places like here; so I _am_ lucky, but I still work in a cubicle farm.

My interests tend to the fairly nerdy, and I consider myself a poet. Whether anybody else does is a debate I will leave to scholars after I have passed.

And I also draw very random things:


I can’t draw a person, but I can draw geometric flame shapes like nobody’s business.

I am neurotic, hyperbolic, hectic, eclectic, possibly dyslexic, prone to double-time rhyme without reason, despite the season and without cohesion.

And I am here to say: Hey.

Thanks for your time.

© Kate Mileur, 2013-2014. All Rights Reserved.


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