I exist.

That fact may not be of much consequence. I may never be famous; I may never be read by anyone other than myself. But I exist. That in itself is my triumph.




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  2. Hahaha… I wandered over here because … well, I think I’ll just let you figure that one out, eh?

    Love your rainbow background…

    Saw in your most recent post that you sing? Can’t wait to check that out. Hope your voice improves soon!

    You’re a poet, too? And you write your dreams?

    Dang, girl, we have so much to talk about!


  3. hi! I just adore this blog! You had me with your blog title but then I saw this (below) and now….I’m all ear….err eyes!

    “I don’t know where I’m going. Want to come along?”

    PURE GOLD! Thanks for following and looking forward to exploring here!
    take care,

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