Sunshine award post, like I said I would

Sunshine award!

Sunshine award!

A little thing that means somebody thinks you’re cool. Considering the fact that my best post is still the one that Nobody has read, I am super happy somebody thinks I am cool.

The rules seem simple enough:

A: Thank the person who nominated you, and link to their blog. (Thanks again, Mandy!)
2: List 11 facts about YOU!
D: Nominate 10 other blogs, and then announce the nominations to said blog.

11 random facts about me?  This should be interesting:

  1. I love anime, manga, and pretty much anything Japanese.  I will sometimes write the word Japanese as “Japanses” and not notice.
  2. I love jewelery, though I hardly ever wear it.
  3. I will listen to any music.  Any.  I don’t have a hated genre, but it has to have  either a melody, or words I can hear (even if they are in another language).
  4. I will procrastinate projects with other projects.  Case in point:  I was going to work on my blog, but instead I finished the scarf I was working on for my brother’s fiancee.  It turned out great!
  5. My favorite color is blue.  Probably whatever shade this is is my current favorite, but I love all shades of blue.
  6. I can no longer eat Cup noodle ramen after the time I ate it every day for a month, but I can still eat packet ramen, and instant udon
  7. Implied by number 6, but I don’t have a very good sense of nutritional value.
  8. When my eye doctor sent me to a specialist because she thought I had a retinoschesis, the specialist asked me if i had noticed any loss in peripheral vision.  I truthfully answered “No,” because I cannot see anything beyond my lenses, and had not noticed any loss.  In truth, my retina had detached, and I was extremely lucky to have not gone blind in my left eye. Perhaps I’ll tell you the story sometime.
  9. I tend to insert myself into the stories I read or watch.  I have a whole elaborate fan-fiction series in my head  for various favorites, but I have never written them down or posted them online because I don’t want people to call me out on being a Mary-Sue.  I know damn well it’s me; I don’t need anyone making fun of me for it.
  10. I worry a lot about the judgement of other people, and I try really hard not to judge others for that reason.  The way I see it, it is not my place to decide whether someone should be some way or should not do something.  As long as it does not hurt anybody, I think you should be allowed to do or be whatever the hell you want.
  11. I am a visual person, and can sometimes forget things if I do not see them.  I once forgot about my favorite t-shirt because it wound up under my bed.   Don’t worry; I’ve made wordpress one of my homepages so I won’t forget about it.

BONUS FACT: I had to go back through this article and capitalize every time I used “I”.  Every time, except when it was the opening word of a sentence.

And Now for my nominees! These are all people that I enjoy reading.  Many of them I found through the zero to hero challenge, some of them found me first, and all of them are made of awesome:

  1. My Brother, who I would admit to swiping the “wander” from if I hadn’t used it a loooong time ago as well.  He is awesome, and mainly writes about video games.
  2. because books.
  3. I think you’re right, “we’re destined to be blogger BFF’s.” 🙂
  4. a  awesome person’s blog on magic, and writing, and things of that nature.
  5. I know they were already nominated, which is how I found them, but seriously, ROBOTS!  How could I not like that?
  6. who very specifically states that she doesn’t write about her life, only things she is interested in.
  7. who is funny and travels through time.
  8. has many of my interests, and is pretty good about posting regularly.  at least there’s always something in my reader from him.
  9. her blog is full of pictures and joy.  she really seems to enjoy her life.
  10. a blog about enjoying the little things and being mindful.

There are more, of course.  There are so many interesting people in the world.  But, this will have to do for now.  Since now it’s time for the hard part: telling these guys!

(Seriously, that’s the hard part.  I am OK with writing here; you all have come to me.  But going out unto the world means the possibility of rejection, and that f***ing hurts.  As anybody who is human or approximates being human in public already knows.)


  1. Thank you so much, no rejection here my lovely! I am so chuffed, a perfect end to a lovely day 🙂 And I love how you described my blog, you put it so much better than me, you completely nailed it. I dont know about you but zero to hero has been brilliant but really hard to keep up with? I feel I have so much catching up to do…. Hope you had a lovely day full of happy little moments, like this award has been for me, although this moment has been a huge one! I’m rambling now, but seriously, thank you 🙂

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